Full Stack Web Developer

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I code with

I'm always picking up more...

C# / Ruby / JavaScript / Swift / PHP / SQL

ASP.NET MVC / Ruby on Rails / Node.js / Backbone.js / React / iOS

I built these app

I work at NYU and take on occasional side-projects...

  • TapSync
    An iOS app integrated with special hardware that captures ID card swipes, which are then synchronized and uploaded to NYU's event management system. The syncing and exporting are handled by a C# .Net app that has an admin front-end with various data visualizations.
  • Bed-for-Bed Forum
    Students can swap rooms, and this app automatically determines their eligibilty and facilitates sending requests back and forth. Available rooms can be filtered by a number of criteria. The admin panel allows staff to review and approve swaps, and the app will create relevant entries in the NYU Housing software.
  • Hall Admin
    Professional staff that work in residence halls can see a summary of the residents in every room in their building. Functions available include selecting one or more rooms to email, viewing and approving/rejecting roommate agreement forms, and monitoring check-ins in real-time on arrival day.

I am a PMP

...certified Project Management Professional. These are a few of the projects I have managed...

  • Alcatraz Island Solar Microgrid - Forbes Article
    Alcatraz Island was previously run entirely on diesel generators. I managed the effort to convert the island primary power source to solar with battery buffering.
  • San Diego Emergency Command Center - NBC San Diego Article
    Converted a solar array on the roof of a public facility into a battery-buffered emergency backup microgrid for the City of San Diego.

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